What guests need in a hotel room?

Apart from the timeless guest experience, guests tend to expect some technological freedom during their stay. But with emerging technologies and costs, hotels have to play catch up and, in the chaos, fail to meet the fundamental technical needs. So here are the four hotel guest tech experiences that should be an integral part of a hotel room.



Fast and free Wi-Fi may be the most important factor after price and location in a guest’s decision to book. It is high time that hotels realize that Wi-Fi is a necessity for many guests, not a privilege, because people are used to working, gaming, and streaming from multiple devices. A survey by J.D. Power discovered that, along with breakfast and parking, free Wi-Fi is one of the most essential amenities for travelers.



In-room phones are still a significant way of ordering room service. Primarily less tech-savvy older generations depend on these phones as a means to communicate with the hotel. Above all, it’s the most reliable form to communicate during emergencies and let’s not forget the legal factors behind having one. In addition, with the latest technical advancements, hotels can use the guest phone for branding, promotions, and artistic decorations.

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Exceptional customer service is a great way to be remembered by our guests. Customers like to be pampered and taken care of. It is the most significant part when booking for vacations. So, offering mobile/phone check-in and checkout, calling in-room phones to check up on their needs etc., plays a vital role in attracting repeat customers.

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With the push to be more environmentally conscious, many guests nowadays are actively making lifestyle changes to counter the effects of climate change. As per a study done by Operto, Increasingly, customers are voting for more eco-friendly hotels even though they are a bit expensive. As a bonus, eco-features can help save hotel operators money — thermostats that turn off/adjust when the guest leaves the room, for example, can reduce energy and maintenance costs.

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