Why you need a hotel phone?

The hotel room phone was a popular feature in the past. However, with the advent of smartphones, fewer people use them because they can easily make calls or even video chat on their devices nowadays. Some may believe that hotels can operate without hotel room phones. Even though hospitality companies have started switching to newer technology, they do not entirely get rid of the phone because they know that hotel phones are becoming increasingly popular due to their reliability and ability to stay powered even without relying on battery power. This ensures that the guestroom phone is always connected and available when needed. Additionally, these phones are designed to be rugged enough to last longer than regular mobile phones, making them an ideal choice for hotels with high occupancy rates.


A Statement Piece

A hotel room phone can be a great decor if you apply the color, size, and theme of your bedroom to it. The phone might be a small device, but it will do wonders when used in interior decorating. The old days of boxy oversized phones consuming the majority of bedside table space are gone. Nowadays, hotel guestroom phones are designed to be sleek and take up very little real estate space. All major manufacturers invest time into their designs, making them some of the most beautiful devices you will find in modern hotels.


Digital Detox

We live in an era where our private information is shared with strangers all over the world. This is true with our phones, e-mails, and social media accounts. Some travelers prefer to use a hotel phone because they don't want to be disturbed by notifications and alerts on their phones. They want to enjoy a tech-free experience that allows them to disconnect from their smartphones and unplug from the internet, if only for a few days.



Most people are tired when they reach their hotel room and often are hungry. One of the best things about guestroom phones is calling for room service, including food and other services like housekeeping or transportation. While some travelers prefer to order food online, it takes much longer to deliver, and sometimes you still have to go down and pick them up. Undoubtedly, if your hotel has a restaurant, ordering food directly is a button dial away.


Emergency Calls

If your hotel's mobile phone reception isn't the greatest, a guest forgets or misplaces their phone or they lost it. There is an easy and quick alternative and that is where the analog guest room phone comes in. Fortunately, an analog phone does not require power, so it will still work as a communication tool in the case of a power outage.


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