Smart technologies every hotelier should use

In this day and age, we are surrounded by technology. We use it for everything from ordering food to turning on the lights. The hotel industry is no different. In fact, the industry has seen some of the most innovative advances in recent years. Hoteliers can implement technology to improve the user experience throughout the whole customer journey, both online and in person. Implementing the use of new technologies can not only improve the customer experience but also save you money, while giving you an edge against the competition. Below are some key technologies that will help make your life easier as a hotelier.



Smart Technology

Technology has also come to play an essential role in the room. It is designed not only to facilitate a unique experience but also can prove to be a great money saver for hoteliers.

In-room technology can range from occupancy-based sensors that can reduce energy costs through motion detectors or thermal sensors by detecting when a room is unoccupied. These sensors can also be used to control lighting and implement water-saving when the room is occupied. In addition, LED lighting can also provide substantial energy-saving costs and also has a cool effect on the room.



Chatbots are, without a doubt, essential to any hotel’s marketing strategy. They can assist customers, answer frequently asked questions 24/7, and drive direct bookings. Powered by AI, chatbots can take care of the most common requests and transfer guests to the appropriate department without having to have a telephone operator on staff.



Beacon technology can significantly improve the guest experience while offering you a cost-effective way to market, promote, and up-sell your services. This technology sends push notifications to guests by sensing their proximity to a specific location. For example, when guests walk past the spa, they will receive a special offer. You can support on property businesses and restaurants by promoting the most popular dishes, discounts, and many other things.

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